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2013 Petite World Queens

L-R:  Teen Petite World 2013, Taylor Dulmage; Miss Petite World 2013, Noeli Marie Pérez de la Torre;
Mrs. Petite World 2013, Rian Valentine and Lady Petite World 2013, Elisabeth Zamarelli, Ph.D.

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 Teen Contestants

Teen Petite America

Paige Lavallee

Teen Bahamas Petite World

Maya'Lea Rolle

Teen Canada Petite World

Taylor Dulmage
Teen Petite World 2013


 Miss Contestants

Miss Petite America

Kelly McIntosh

Miss Asia Pacific Petite World

Liyann Seet Li Yan

Miss Bahamas Petite World

Sadia McKay

Miss Canada Petite World

Lise Shannen Abreu

Miss Dominican Republic

Crystal Larymar Matos
(unable to compete)

Miss Puerto Rico Petite World

Noeli Marie Pérez de la Torre
Miss Petite World 2013

Ms. Contestants

Ms. Petite America

Kristen Pope-Starziano
(unable to compete)


Mrs. Contestants

Mrs. Petite America

Rian Valentine
Mrs. Petite World 2013


Lady Contestants

Lady Petite America

Elisabeth Zamarelli, Ph.D.
Lady Petite World 2013





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