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2017 Petite World Queens

L-R:  Teen Petite World 2017, Jolene Houle (Canada); Miss Petite World 2017, Débora Puac (Guatemala);
Ms. Petite World 2017, Nina Evans (Overall Fashion Wear Winner (tie), Overall Evening Gown Winner, Overall Petite World Highest Score Winner)
Mrs. Petite America 2017, Dallas Teague-Snider (Overall Interview Winner, Miss Congeniality for the 2nd year in a row!); Lady Petite World 2017, Elaine Sincavage
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 Teen Contestants

Teen Canada

Jolene Houle
Teen Petite World 2017

 Miss Contestants

Miss Petite America

Holly Garcia

Best Eyes Award - (non-competition award)

Miss Canada

Kaitlyn Miron

Best Hair Award - (non-competition award)

Face of Petite World Winner

Miss Guatemala

Débora Puac

Miss Petite World 2017

 Ms. Contestants

Ms. Petite America

Nina Evans

Overall Fashion Wear Winner (tie)

Overall Evening Gown Winner

Petite World High Point Winner

Ms. Petite World 2017

Mrs. Contestants

Mrs. Petite America

Dallas Teague-Snider

Miss Congeniality - 2nd year in a row!

Overall Interview Winner

Mrs. Petite World 2017


 Lady Contestants

Lady Petite America

Debra Peixoto

Director's Award

Lady North America

Elaine Sincavage

Lady Petite World 2017




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